The full register of Schaudels and Motoblocs is held on a database. Where it is available, the following information is held.

Category Notes
# Register serial number.
Make Schaudel or Motobloc.
Annee/year Year of manufacture.
Type The model type as used by Motobloc. Schaudels do not appear to have a type.
Proprietaire/owner Full details of the owner
Country The country where the car is now
Contacts The address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail address of the owner
Existe/exists Does the car definitely exist? Perhaps or no. For it to be recorded as definite, we must either have seen the car or spoken directly to the owner. There is also a definitely "does not exist" category.
Particulars More technical detail of the car not recorded in other fields
Is the car roadworthy now?
Immitriculation/registration number The current number for the car. Old numbers are recorded later
Chassis type

Standard, court/short, lengthened/allonge, special

Chassis number We have a nearly complete table of the chassis numbers used in each year of manufacture
Engine/moteur number We have a nearly complete table of the engine numbers used in each year of manufacture
Number of gears Including reverse
Number of cylinders Including grouping
Steering wheel Which side of the car is the steering wheel?
Ignition How is the ignition spark generated?
Horsepower With specified system of measurement
Size of engine Metric cubic capacity in cc
Type of body Such as runabout, torpedo or double phaeton
Number of seats A comfortable maximum
Colour of body Simple description such as red or yellow
Additional particulars Notes on anything not covered above including past ownership history.