Introduction to Register:

The register presented here is a short version of one on a database. I have divided the web version of the register into 3 parts:

1. Schaudel automobiles.

2. Motoblocs which definitely exist.

3. Motoblocs which may exist.

I have included photographs of existing cars, where I have them.

We maintain a full register of cars with many more categories of information.

The register was started when M Bernard Saouzanet of Finistère, France wrote to me on 25 Janvier 1994. The two of us, with much help from M Bernard Pardeillan de Bordeaux and the Thibaudeau family de Deux Sevres, have since compiled the register. We only consider a car to exist avec certitude when we have spoken to the owner, have seen a recent photograph of the car, have received a completed registration proforma and preferably one of us touched the car as well.