Les Croissants Chauds (LCC), or The Hot Croissants/Crescents, is the name by which the Motobloc marque is known by some owners. First because it is the emblem of the make (inspired by the arms of the city of Bordeaux) and secondly because the traditional place for the emblem is on the radiator and the cars have always had a slight tendency to overheat. Thus those of us who have compiled the register of surviving Schaudels and Motoblocs have referred to ourselves as the LCC.

We are a virtual club as, at the moment, we have no committee, no membership fee, no newsletter (apart from correspondence between ourselves) and no club house. What we do have in common is enthusiastic ownership of, or interest in, a Schaudel or Motobloc.

The aims of this site are:

1. To register the existence of those cars we know still survive, their state and information about each car that we have been able to acquire through speaking with the owner.

2. To list those cars of which we have heard but have no firm evidence that they still exist. We would welcome more news of these cars and any others.

3. To give a brief introduction to the marque.

4. To help owners and enthusiasts of the marque to establish contact with each other.