Motobloc Centenary Event 2002

Well before the year 2000, there had been many discussions between Motobloc owners on the subject of a celebration of the centenary of the foundation of the Schaudel and Motobloc automobile companies. The exact date of the creation of the Schaudel company was not known, other than being about the year 1900, and so it was agreed to bypass the celebration of that event.

We decided to celebrate instead the creation on 4th June 1902 of the Motobloc marque and to combine the Schaudel and Motobloc events. This gave the organisers of the event time for their preparations and owners of cars more time for restoration of their automobiles.

The date of the centenary was fixed for the 21st and 22nd September 2002, as this allowed the centenary to be synchronised with the Patrimoine of Bordeaux. The success of the occasion was assured by the Bordeaux car club 'L'Essieu Bordelais' whose members we heartily thank. The event embraced Bordeaux, cradle of the marque, and its surroundings.

As well as an emotional visit to the Rue des Vivants, site of the Motobloc factory, the 3 days included an exhibition of all aspects of the marque, a tour that introduced us to many parts of the area and some of its magnificent sites, and an appreciation of numerous local gastronomic and vinous specialities.

It was a magnificent celebration for which many thanks must go to the committee of L'Essieu Bordelais.

21st/22nd September, 2002